Installation at The Standard, Downtown LA

Beski Projekts led the installation of a public art work made of approximately 1,500 car air fresheners in a collaboration with The Institute for Art and Olfaction and the Standard Hotel in downtown LA. The installation took place on a public thoroughfare in the core of Los Angeles’ business district.

Kamil Beski oversaw a team of 10 volunteers to install the piece on a wall forty feet long by eight feet high, over the course of eight hours. The piece is on display through August 2015.

Click the thumbnail images below to see details from the installation.

BP_Standard_1aBefore BP_Standard_1bAfter BP_Standard_2 BP_Standard_3 BP_Standard_4 BP_Standard_5 BP_Standard_6 BP_Standard_7 BP_Standard_8 BP_Standard_9 BP_Standard_10 BP_Standard_11 BP_Standard_12